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TitanHQ - SpamTitan, WebTitan and ArcTitan 
TitanHQ The 25-year young multi-award winning web filtering, email filtering and email archiving SaaS business. We protect 8,000 businesses and partner closely with over 2,200 MSP’s globally. We protect your customers and endpoints from malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses, botnets and other cyber threats. Our product set recognises the threat vector moving from mail to HTTP/HTTPS. We work directly with all sectors of business, are fully engaged with our MSP partners and are global leaders in the Wi-Fi filtering niche where we provide access via API set to our advanced web filtering platform. Our MSP focused product set was built from the ground up with MSP’s for MSP’s. We save MSP’s support and engineering time by stopping web and email threats at source while also providing ideal products to sell in your technology stack.

Our web and email security platforms have become the gold standard for MSPs who service the SMB market. At our pricepoint we have unrivalled functionality and features. Partnering with a MSP friendly single vendor who provides both email and web security is resonating with MSPs. We currently have 2,200 active MSPs using our platforms.

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